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Our Team

Amar Alfikar

Governance Board member
Representative for East and South East Asia
Based in Indonesia/the UK
Faith tradition/s: Muslim
Pronouns: He, his

Amar is an Indonesian transman Muslim activist, a queer theology enthusiast, with experience within social activism aiming to unpack queer-phobic languages and challenge dehumanizing narratives in theology. In 2019 Amar co-founded Jaringan Transgender Indonesia (Indonesia Transgender Network), in the same year he also publi...
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Ana Ester

Governance Board member
Representative for Latin America, Board Co-Chair
Based in the United States
Faith tradition/s: Christian
Pronouns: She/hers

Ana Ester is a Brazilian feminist-lesbian-queer theologian and holds a Ph.D. and Master in Religious Studies from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. She is ordained in the Metropolitan Community Churches and a member of Iglesia Antigua de las Americas. Ana Ester is also a member of the American...
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Angelinah Montshiwa

Advocacy Intern

Based in Gaborone/Botswana

Pronouns: she/her

 Angelinah (Angie) is 28 years, been a human rights activist for over 5 years, being a human rights fanatic, with so much amore to social justice. She has shown great commitment in the field of community and social mobil...
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Chantel Fortuin

Regional Coordinator for the "Religious Dialogue Partner Process"
Based in Gaborone
Pronouns: she, her

Chantel is a black lesbian woman from Botswana and considers herself an African feminist theologian, and has a strong passion for theology as a discipline and a practical way of life. Her interest are especially its interaction with spirituality and sexuality. Chantel has a BA degree in theology and her work focuses on faith, and inclusion and their link to...
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Chiseche Mibenge

Governance Board member
Representative for Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (the Global North region)

Based in the USA
Faith: Christian
Pronouns: She, Her

 Chiseche Mibenge is a human rights educator. She has previously taught at the CUNY Graduate Center, Lehman College and Stanford University and has been invited as a visiting scholar at leading research institutes including: The Department of Peace Studies...
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Dillon Mohamed

Governance Board member
Representative for the Caribbean
Based in Guyana
Faith tradition: Christian
Pronouns: He, his

Dillon is the Caribbean representative on the board of the Global Interfaith Network. Aged 27, he holds a Diploma in Theology and Christian Ministry from the AOG Bible College in Guyana and certificates in Aeronautical Information Services and Air Traffic Management from the Guyana Civil Aviation Training School. Dillon is an air tr...
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Dumisani Dube

Governance Board member
South African Board member
Based in South Africa
Faith tradition/s: Catholic
Pronouns: He, his

Dumisani Dube is a Zimbabwean gay man living in South Africa. A Christian and a human rights activist, Dube has a passion in fighting for LGBTI rights across all spectrums including religious institutions. Dube has been involved in the LGBTI activism for the past 20 years. Having worked for an LGBTI organisation in Zimbabwe f...
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Fikile Vilakazi

Past Board member
Additional South African Board member
Based in South Africa
Faith tradition: African traditional spirituality / Christian
Pronouns: They, them

Fikile Vilakazi is a former Executive Director (2007 – 2012) of the Coalition of African Lesbians, a radical feminist organization in Africa that is based in South Africa to champion a collective of African lesbian women feminists. She currently serves as a board member of the Advice Des...
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Fr Thomas Ninan

Governance Board member
Representative for South and Central Asia
Based in India
Faith tradition/s: Christian
Pronouns: He, his

Fr Thomas Ninan is an ordained Priest of the Indian Orthodox Church (Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church). He is currently the Executive Secretary – Projects of Christian Service Agency, a service wing of the NCCI and was previously the General Coordinator of the ESHA Project of the National Council of Churches in India, located in ...
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Ishmael Omumbwa

Governance Board member
Board Co-Chair, Representative for Sub-Saharan Africa
Based in Kenya
Faith tradition: Muslim
Pronouns: He, his

Ishmael Bahati is the Executive Director of PEMA Kenya (a place of solace in Kenya), - an organization in the coastal region of Kenya that works to protect human rights and advance social inclusion through policy and advocacy interventions, health promotion and socio-economic empowerment programs for the Gender and Sexual Minority commu...
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Jacq Carver

Past Board member
Representative for Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand
Based in The Netherlands
Faith tradition: Jewish
Pronouns: they, them, theirs.

I have been a queer rights activist since I came out in the late 1970’s and have participated in numerous protest and equal rights movements in the US, the UK and Europe, including Act Up in New York, anti- Clause 28 protests in London and Amsterdam, and same-sex marriage protests in the Netherlands.
I believe...
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Ken Moala

Governance Board member
Representative for the Pacific
Based in Australia
Faith tradition: Christian
Pronouns: He, his

Ken Moala is a Christian Chaplain (Uniting Church in Australia) and Human Rights Activist. He hails from the Samoa Islands in the Pacific Region. Ken holds a Bachelor's degree in Theology from the St Marks Theological College Canberra/ Charles Sturt University. Australia. He is currently serving as a Chaplain at the Gold Coast Un...
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Larissa Bhagarette

Finance and Administration Officer
Based in Johannesburg.
Pronouns: She, hers

Larissa Bhagarette hails from the KZN Midlands. She has a Bachelor of Commerce In Accounting and Internal Auditing from Wits University and a Post Graduate diploma in Internal Auditing from Unisa. She has experience in both auditing and finance roles and will serve as the Finance and Administration Officer for GIN.

Noor Sultan

Governance Board member
Representative for the Middle East North Africa
Based in Egypt
Faith tradition: Muslim
Pronouns: She, hers

Noor Sultan has been an activist for 10 years in the area of sexual orientation and gender identity in Egypt and Sudan. In 2010, she co-founded Bedayaa Organization. She worked as Networking and Communication director at Bedayaa Organization for five years before she was elected to be the Executive Director of Bedayaa Organization in ...
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Phumzile Mabizela

Past Board member
Additional South African Board member
Sadly, Phumzile is deceased.

Based in Johannesburg
Faith tradition: Christian
Pronouns: She, hers

Rev. Phumzile Mabizela was the Executive Director of the International Network of Religious Leaders Living with or personally affected by HIV and AIDS (INERELA+) INERELA+. She was also:
Member of Faith Advisory Council to UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Religion.
Member of the World Council of...
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Pierre Buckley

Programme Manager
Based in Durban, South Africa.
Pronouns: He, his

Pierre Trevor Buckley, our second Programme Manager, since January 2018, is a young gay man, a people person, rooted in his faith, an excellent relationship builder and skilled in programmatic work. He is completing a BA degree in Politics and Communication Sciences through the University of South Africa, and was a Mandela Washington Fellow in 2...
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Rev Nokuthula Dhladhla

GIN Global Ambassador
Inaugural GIN Global Ambassador
Rev Nokuthula Dhladhla is a Pastor of House of Prayer and Worship (HPW) which started in 2015 in Soweto. Previously she was a Senior Pastor of Hope and Unity MCC (HUMCC) since 1998-2010. She was ordained in 1998 officially as a Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) pastor until 2010. Rev Nokuthula is also a part of Deo Gloria Apostolic Network of churches which is based in Durban. She is the membe...
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Rev. Kakay Pamaran

Past Board member
Board Co-Chair, Representative for East & South-East Asia
Based in the Philippines
Faith tradition: Christian
Pronouns: She, hers

Rev Kakay Pamaran is a pastor, ecumenist, peace activist, gender justice advocate, and Bible teacher. She currently serves as Communications Director of Union Theological Seminary's Field Education Office in Dasmarinas in the Philippines. She is also adjunct professor in Scripture and Interpretation. She has a degree in P...
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Rev. Sharon Cox

Past Board member
Board Co-Secretary, Additional South African Board member
Based in South Africa
Faith tradition: Christian
Pronouns: She, hers
Rev Sharon Cox has been in the human rights sector for over 20 years. Sharon has been with Triangle Project, the oldest LGBTI human rights organisation in Africa, for the past 10 years as their Health and Support Services Manager. Sharon has a passion for what she does and is actively involved in the monitoring of hate crimes ...
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Rev. Toni Kruger-Ayebazibwe

Executive Director
Based in Johannesburg.
Pronouns: She, her

Rev. Toni Kruger Ayebazibwe was appointed Executive Director in December 2017.
Toni, based in our office in Johannesburg, South Africa, brings a range of expertise stretching from management to technology and design and theology. She has a long history of LGBTI activism, both in HIV prevention work and in faith, having worked in the design and managem...
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Sanjay Sharma

Past Board member
Representative for South and Central Asia
Based in Nepal
Faith tradition: Hindu
Pronouns: He, his

Bio: Sanjay Sharma is an LGBT rights activist from of Nepal. He has been involving in Nepal’s LGBT rights movement since 2003 through different projects on HIV/AIDS, human rights activism, constitutional campaigns, advocacy, capacity building, academic research, and others from grass root level. Sanjay is currently the Assistant Prog...
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Sedica Davids

Governance Board member
Board Secretary, South African Board member
Based in: South Africa
Faith tradition/s: Muslim
Pronouns: She, her

Sedica identifies as a queer Muslim womxn and she is associated with the Claremont Main Road Mosque in Cape Town. As a development consultant who works with marginalised communities in sub Saharan Africa, her experience includes fundraising, strategy, and governance within the LGBTIQ+ sector. Sedica has recently provided sust...
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Shamim Salim

Programme Manager: Engaging with Faith
Based in Mombasa, Kenya.
Pronouns: She, her, herz

Shamim is a young Queer disabled feminist and a human rights activist. She is an intersectional feminist and continuously supporting spaces for young women, women with disabilities, lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTIQ+) persons.

Shamim’s work is centered on sexuality, religion and disability justice. Shamim has...
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Tania Irias Guerrero

Past Board member
Representative for Latin America
Based in Spain
Pronouns: She. hers
Faith tradition: Catholic

Tania Irias Guerrero is a lesbian woman, member of Grupo Lésbico Feminista Artemisa, feminist, Nicaraguan, 36 years old, Computer Engineer, mother of 2 children aged 3 and 12, due to the socio-political crisis that Nicaragua is facing, she is in exile since March 2019, lesbian activist since 2010.

Tania Irias Guerrero es una muj...
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Tshidi Semenya

Governance Board member
Treasurer, South African Board member
Based in South Africa
Faith tradition: African traditional, Catholic
Pronouns: She, hers

Motshidisi is a dynamic and passionate financial professional with a keen eye for leveraging her experience and resources to create value in the great initiatives that are already in place, or those yet to be conceived. She dedicates her time to constant learning in and around the Finance world, given the...
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Yahia Zaidi

Advocacy Manager
Based in Brussels, Belgium (soon to be Geneva, Switzerland)
Pronouns: He, his

Yahia Zaidi is a committed human rights activist and a specialist with extensive experience on LGBTI, HIV, Refugee issues. He has undertaken international advocacy, community building, strategy development, research, services and training at the local (Algeria and Morocco), regional (Middle East and Afri...
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Volunteer Translators:

Arabic – Maha Jouini
French – Michael Cousin
Russian – Tatjana Lehatkova

We are still looking for Spanish, Chinese and Swahili translators. If you wish to volunteer, please contact us on info@gin-ssogie.org

Thank you very much to all our volunteers!!