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1. Shelter – provided for LGBT people who are abandoned by their parents and relatives having no means to maintain themselves financially. Our Shelter hosts them until they are capable of taking care of themselves.

2. Health – we are set to prevent HIV/AIDS as well as STIs among LGBT people through such programs as PEP, PrEP, self-testing, and comprehensive package of services to eliminate morbidity, mortality and mitigate wide-ranging impact of HIV/AIDS.

3. We engage in religious affairs through creating a platform for Queer Muslims. We help them find harmony within their LGBT and religious identities since in the Central Asian region Islam is becoming more radicalized contributing to polarization of these two identities.

4. Students majoring in Psychology undertake an internship at our Department to gain practical experience on diversity counselling with a focus on sexual orientation and gender identity. This contributes to a pool of professionals knowledgeable to support LGBT people.

5. Our department works with parents of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children. Given that the voices of parents are received and perceived better than the children themselves, we empower parents to advocate for their children’s rights.

6. We have and are creating regional Central Asia platforms to consolidate efforts in combating HIV, discriminatory laws and mainly uniting human rights non-profit organizations in the region.

7. Since there is a large outmigration from Central Asia to Russia there are also LGBT migrants leaving for Russia as well. Like any migrants, LGBT also face challenges. Hence, we plan to develop a need assessment research to grasp their problems and respond to them.

8. COVID-19 response team, which mobilized emergency funds to create additional support options for the LGBT community of Kyrgyzstan. In particular, we made basic meal packages and delivered them to those LGBT who were most in need, provided hormonal therapy for transgender people, and facilitated psychological support. With healthcare professionals, we conducted awareness raising webinars around coronavirus topics, such as using hand sanitizers, masks and social distancing.Amir is a proud graduate of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, with a degree in MA in Legal Studies, major: International Law. Prior to that, he obtained his undergraduate degree from the Kyrgyz Kuwait University, with a BA degree in Journalism, major: TV Journalism.


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