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Dillon Mohamed

Board candidate for the Caribbean

Questionnaire for Board Applications




Please elaborate:

I’ve headed fundraising drives for several projects in my former church which included missionary trips, shows and concerts, conferences, seminars, etc. I’ve also served as project director in most of these cases and was required to supervise all staff on board and delegate to them their tasks and responsibilities.



Individual member



Yes, I do






To me it means that we are democratic and we have to deal with everyone fairly. It also means that wherever possible we will need to seek all the possible avenues to make our voices heard.



Yes. I’ve been a worship and music director and youth pastor for 11 and 4 years respectively. I’ve lead a number of projects in my church which were successful in bringing people together to achieve what was necessary.



Yes, I do.

Desirable Qualities 

  1. Strong collegial networks, preferably international in scope
  2. Experience in one or more of our programmatic areas:
  1. Skills in content development for educational materials
  2. Ordination or formal or informal leadership within a faith community
  3. Public speaking skills


If you have some or many (J) of the desirable qualities, please elaborate below.

For the past five years, since graduating from Bible College, I’ve been creating religious dialogue with both religious leaders and leaders of the LGBTQ+ community. At first, there was an almost impossible-to-bridge divide between both parties. However, continuous dialogue has been met with both acceptance and resistance. However, I continue to do this and each further effort sees new successes. I’ve been a designated On-the-job instructor for the Aeronautical Information Service in Guyana for 2 years, during which time, I designed the currently used OJT program. Last, September I founded the Conversa Global Language Institution which includes both a language learning club and a school. I developed the curriculum for the school with the help of a trained, graduate teacher. We have been using social media messaging across different countries to make the language learning aspect possible. In 2016, I was part of the team that designed and created new regulations and policies for both safety and inclusion at the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority. We were able to increase the country’s compliance to ICAO regulations and policies from 44% to 65% in 6 months.