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Fia’ailetoa Ken Moala

Board candidate for the Pacific

Board requirements questionnaire

1. Do you have demonstrable qualifications and / or experience in one or more of the following areas?
• Financial management and Treasurer duties
Not professionally, I do have accounting experience which I have used in my tenure as a Board Member.
• Fundraising, grant writing, and grant reporting
I have submitted application for funding for the organisations I have worked eg. I have been a Executive Director of the Samoa AIDS Foundation
• Legal issues and compliance for non-profits
Not a great deal. Have had training for governance in not for profit organisations.
• Staff supervision and strategic plan implementation through programming
• Board governance and management

I have founded and managed the staff and members of the following organisations and also participated the Board governance and management.
• The Samoa AIDS Foundation
• Pacific Sexual & Gender Diversity Network.
• Oceania Rainbow Network
• ILGA Oceania
• Uniting Church Uniting Network ( LGBTIQ) .

1. Are you an individual Member or a representative of a Member Entity?
Representative from the PACIFIC

2. Do you have consistent access to the internet and a computer?
3. Do you have 15 hours per month to dedicate to your work as a Board Member?

4. Explain what it means to you politically to be part of a Global South-centered organization, member-led, and intersectional?
To me politically it means providing a safe space for LGBTIQ identities seeking to be free from discrimination and criminalisation. It means we have the right to convene,develop resources and create strategies to overcome fear, the need to be legitimate and relevant to all faiths, traditions, spiritualities and belief systems. It is also important that these strategies reflect the needs and goals of the Global South, LGBTIQ people of faith and endeavours to seek ways to resist the modern systems of colonisation. Faith can be a great source of strength and support in promoting inclusion and equity but sometimes religious faith has at times been used to justify discrimination against and stigmatisation and exclusion of people whose sexual orientation or gender identity is different from dominant norms.
Membership based organisation is fundamental to the function and future sustainability of associations, and it determines how they can radically improve the value that they provide to the member base.
When sexual minorities share their true selves with others they are often met with opposition from people who feel uncomfortable with others that don’t fit in. This is due to lack of understanding regarding the burden of intersectionality in identity.

5. Can you provide spiritual leadership within and on behalf of our organisation ?
• Yes , as a Chaplain providing current pastoral care in the local university , Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus Queensland, Australia and the Gold Coast University Hospital, I have graduated from my theological training with a Bachelor of Theology and pursuing Post Graduate Studies and I am currently seeking to be ordained in the Uniting Church in Australia ( A Unity of Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational Christian Traditions) I am able to provide spiritual leadership within GIN.I believe the spiritual leadership I provide involves the application of spiritual values and principles to the workplace. As a spiritual leader I understand the importance of employees finding meaning in their work and demonstrates a genuine concern for the “whole” person holistically, not just the employee. I will represent GIN nationally regionally and internationally to the best of my ability and with the grace, love and service of God.

6. Do you have a valid international passport and are willing to travel for board meetings

Desirable Qualities

1. Strong collegial networks, preferably international in scope
I am an alternate convenor from ILGA Oceania to ILGA World as well as being on the Board as a Elder on the ILGA Oceania.

2. Experience in one or more of

• Creating Religious Dialogue
I am very instrumental in organising Religious Dialogue with Faith Based Leaders and the LGBTIQ network in Samoa as well as the Pacific. We were able to host workshop on religious dialoge with community gatekeepers.
• Training and Educational Resources
I have undergone training in the following areas under the auspices of Ross Murray is the Senior Director of Education & Training at The GLAAD Media Institute in the US who specializes in relationship between religion and LGBTQ people which was hosted in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is an American non-governmental media monitoring organization founded by LGBT people in the media.
• Media and Global Messaging
I have also undergone training at the GLAAD’s Religion, Faith & Values programme which works to amplify the voices of LGBT-affirming communities of faith and LGBT people of faith. The program coordinates press conferences for religious leaders who speak out in support of LGBT issues and has secured national and religious media interest in stories that bring examples of LGBT equality in faith communities. The program has trained openly LGBT and LGBT-supportive ministers, faith groups and individuals from a wide range of religions to share their stories in their local congregations and throughout mainstream media. This training was hosted in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia• Human Rights, Policy, and Legal Advocacy
This has been always been important part of our work, is to address laws that discriminate and stigmatise LGBTIQ community in the Pacific. I have worked on committee for the successful repeal of laws against LGBTIQ peoples in Samoa. As well working on Policy and Legal Advocacy especially in HIV & other health issues affecting people living with HIV and vulnerable populations.
• Regional Networking and Outreach on Behalf of GIN
I am working on a project to establish a regional network in the Pacific using the GIN model as a template.
• Creating Safer Spaces and Skills for Maintaining Groups/ Movement Work
I have working towards a more cohesive network for SOGIE people of faith in the Pacific. I have conducting workshops in creating safe spaces to ensure a region entity and network is established as a sustainable network and movement.
• Skills in content development for educational materials
As a Chaplain at a local University we have been working towards a coordinated approach to youth centred, spiritual, cultural, disabled and all ages development especially for LGBTIQ youth in all areas such as health, education etc., I is important to ensure that there inclusive language is focused on gender identity and sexual orientation.1. Ordination or formal or informal leadership within a faith community
I am currently a Chaplain in Uniting Church in Australia and undergoing Ordination training and preparation as a Uniting Church Minister this year.
Public speaking skills
My public skills have been nurtured in public discourse such as churches, community forums,conferences and various panels where religious affiliation and political resource and activity. I have found that LGBTIQ people are able to integrate their sexual and religious identities,and examine the effects of religious identity on sexual minority politics. I have found as I constantly involve myself more on the issues of religion and the sogiesc community I have become more confident in public speaking.