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Fikile Vilakazi

Board candidate for Sub-Saharan Africa

Questionnaire for Board Applications




Please elaborate: I have experience in all of the above. I have worked as an Executive Director of the Coalition of African Lesbians between 2007 and 2012 and in that period I had to ensure that the organization complies with the legal requirements of registration as a legal entity. I have worked with NGO compliance matters since 1998 in my work as a social justice and women’s rights activist. I also took on fundraising and donor relations as part of my responsibilities at the Coalition of African Lesbians. I have supervised +- 20 staff members in my experience as an Executive Director. I also acted as Board ex-officio whilst working as Executive Director. I also have been a Board member for the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission [IGLHRC] in New York and the Advice Desk for the Abused, Durban, South Africa. I have led and facilitated several strategic planning processes for organizations between the years 2007 and current.



Individual member



Yes, I do



Yes, I do



It means that I am a part of a highly diverse network of individuals and organizations that come from various cultural, religious, sexual, gender and other backgrounds. I therefore have to be diverse in my thinking and engagement with the organization. It also means that in terms of activism, there are varied struggles that the organization represents and therefore require a highly intersectional approach and ways of engaging that are not biased and marginal to one group against the other.



I subscribe to African traditional spirituality, Asian Reiki energy spirituality and other various forms of alternative spiritualities. I am able and can provide spiritual leadership in this regard if and when required.



Yes, I do.

Desirable Qualities 

  1. Strong collegial networks, preferably international in scope
  2. Experience in one or more of our programmatic areas:
  1. Skills in content development for educational materials
  2. Ordination or formal or informal leadership within a faith community
  3. Public speaking skills

 If you have some or many (J) of the desirable qualities, please elaborate below.

I have worked with various individuals and organizations regionally and internationally in the areas of sexuality and gender. I therefore know a few people and organizations that I believe can serve as good allies and networks for the work of GIN. I have experience in facilitating dialogues, training and education, human rights, policy and legal advocacy, regional networking, creating safe spaces, content development for educational materials and public speaking. I also a founder of Ezabangoma Traditional Healing Institute, a faith community for African indigenous health practitioners in South Africa. I belong to Amajoye Traditional Healers Association in South Africa.


Thank you for being willing to spend the time to do this! It will help others in the region.

You are most welcome. I love the work of GIN, I really think that it is needed in the region.