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GIN Individual Membership Application Form

This form is for individuals that would like to become part of the GIN global family. GIN is an international membership-led non-profit organisation that promotes safety and inclusion for all people of faith and spirituality, especially for people that often are discriminated against on the basis of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression. GIN advocates for safe spaces, policy inclusion and for the support and acceptance of all sexual and gender minorities for whom their faith is an important life-giving source.

Becoming a GIN member means that: you will receive our regular newsletters (including information regarding our activities, GIN members’ project & research), have the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals and organizations and collaborate together in programmes, conferences and other platforms, have the opportunity to share your work and interest with over 400 GIN members.

* Full membership: Any individual or relevant entities engaging with faith and spirituality that subscribe to our vision, mission, objectives and values can be members of GIN-SSOGIE.

The criteria for individual members are as follows:
• Individuals who are people of faith or who are currently engaged in faith-based or spiritual work, AND
• Individuals who can demonstrate leadership on issues that affect LGBTIQ people

* Allies of GIN-SSOGIE: Any individual or entity that subscribes to our vision, mission, objectives and values, but does not meet the criteria for full membership, can become an ally of GIN-SSOGIE.

We will ensure that your data is secure and is never shared with anyone outside of GIN without your permission.

Individual sign up form

Here is the list of countries per region, as per GIN's Constitution/Bylaws
Here is the list of countries per region, as per GIN's Constitution/Bylaws
What contribution could you make to the Network? What would you hope such a Network could contribute to your work? Describe what you are doing and/or what you would like to do in your local setting and your skills in what you think will benefit this Network. Elaborate on previous experience on faith and issues related to sex, gender and sexuality (for instance: dialogue with religious leaders, conferences or seminars, creating safe spaces, publications and resource development, political advocacy)? (200 word limit)
(eg: Fredrich Zulu, fzulu@reference.com or +123 456 7890). References must be people who can demonstrate that your values align with those of GIN.