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We’re hiring: Advocacy Manager

Deadline extended to 28 October!

Vacancy name: Advocacy Manager
Reports to
: Executive Director
Starting as soon as possible (1 November 2021) with a two-year contract, with the possibility renewal.
Scope: Global
Location: Geneva, Switzerland (or willing to relocate in the slightly longer term).
Hours: fulltime
Critical requirements: Swiss work permit or EU citizen, strong understanding/lived experience of Global South / East contexts
Staffing level: senior, salary range commensurate with experience

About GIN

GIN is a global network of LGBTIQ++ people of faith who use their faith traditions as a source of insight and energy to advocate for the human rights of LGBTIQ++ people globally.  GIN has a specific focus on what we call Key Affected Contexts, places where violence and power collude with religion, culture and tradition most viciously to instigate homophobic and transphobic discrimination, many of which are in the Global South. Our Secretariat is based in South Africa, and we have approximately 450 members (both individuals and organisations) worldwide.

Job context

The Advocacy Manager is an ambassador, trainer, and public speaker. They will direct GIN’s Advocacy Programme, and are responsible for the delivery and quality of the programme results, for sound financial management, and to manage other staff involved in the programme.

GIN’s advocacy programme, established over the last 5 years, has been highly successful in establishing GIN as a presence at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, and to a lesser extent, at CSW in New York.  We are also working on increasing our presence in regional human rights fora, such as ACHPR or the OAS. We have strong partnerships with a number of CSOs and some states, especially in Geneva.

The current advocacy strategy for 2021 for GIN consists of the following elements:

They are accountable to uphold GIN values and principles, and they lead the development and implementation of a comprehensive program management process at operational levels. They represent the program with regard to the results in implementation, expertise & learning, both internally and externally. They will be called up on to perform in congruence with the expectations of multiple stakeholders, document and disseminate their work products, and actively participate in the technological, educational, strategic, and financial aspects of GIN. They report to GIN’s Executive Director, who in turn reports on the programme to the GIN Board.

Expectations of Competency



We particularly welcome applications from people in the Global South or East diaspora, and women, trans and/or intersex people (in the broadest sense of each of these terms). We offer a contract based on Swiss local labor conditions, with a remuneration commensurate with the experience and expertise requested.

Want to Apply?

Kindly submit your resume and motivation letters to hr@gin-ssogie.org by 28 October 2021