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Noor Sultan

Board candidate for Middle East & North Africa

Board requirements questionnaire
  1. Do you have demonstrable qualifications and / or experience in one or more of the following areas?

Please explain:

I am currently working as an executive director of Bedayaa Organization (Egypt &Sudan)

For the last 4 years I have been managing the organization’s programs and the staff

These years of experience exposed me to deal with programming, fund raising and reporting. So I have experience in the following:

  1. Are you an individual Member or a representative of a Member Entity?

Individual member

  1. Do you have consistent access to internet and a computer?


  1. Do you have 15 hours per month to dedicate to your work as a Board Member?


  1. Explain what it means to you politically to be a Global South-centered organization, member-led, and intersectional?

As an LGBT activist coming from the global south and taking part in the queer movement In Egypt & Sudan, I believe in the participatory and intersectional approach

  1. Can you provide spiritual leadership within and on behalf of our organization ? Please explain.


As a leader coming from Muslim background, born and raised in Muslim countries, taken to consideration my understanding to the context in MENA, I can provide guidance to board and the organization’s members when it comes to the context in MENA, also I am ready to represent the organization in the different platforms.

Desirable Qualities
  1. Strong collegial networks, preferably international in scope
  2. Experience in one or more of our programmatic areas:
  1. Skills in content development for educational materials
  2. Ordination or formal leadership within a faith community
  3. Public speaking skills

If you have some or many (J) of the desirable qualities, please explain below.

Based on my experience in MENA region, I can work on the Regional Networking and Outreach on Behalf of GIN.