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An Affirmation of Feminist Principles

The Global Interfaith Network has signed ‘An Affirmation of Feminist Principles’, which is a joint statement jointly created by several  feminist women’s and human rights organizations, and LGBTIQ+ and trans-led organizations. We have signed the statement to reaffirm what we believe are core feminist principles and to amplify the positions that many feminists have historically chosen to take in relation to understanding gender, sex and sexuality.

The eight fundamental principles in the statement are:

  1. Universality of human rights, non-discrimination and freedom from violence
  2. Bodily autonomy, integrity, agency and the right to identity
  3. Freedom from torture, ill-treatment and medical abuse
  4. Rights of the child
  5. Sex, gender and sexuality are social constructs
  6. Intersectionality
  7. Self-determination and liberation in and on all territories, of all bodies, collectives, institutions, societies, economics and ecology
  8. Challenging unjust power structures

We encourage you to read and sign on to the statement!


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