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Family and Traditional Values - Regional Joint Declarations

The issues of faith, family and traditional values have become highly politicized and utilized within the UN system for a number of years.

Human rights organizations, including LGBTIQ groups and faith-based actors, have been working steadily to counter such actions.

GIN-SSOGIE’s work very much aligns with these efforts, seeking to bring to the fore the realities lived by individuals and communities from different contexts around the world, particularly from the Global South, and their religious experiences and interpretations. We believe that responding to right-wing groups will require the continued provision of facts and theological research by the very targeted individuals themselves.

Continuing to work with representatives within the UN system, and bringing to the fore individuals from different regional contexts, is one strategy we have adopted to respond to right-wing messages anchored in lies about and manipulation of people’s lived realities, and seeking to dismantle the human-rights system from within.

GIN-SSOGIE has developed a programme, “Family and Traditional Values” regional seminar series, aiming at gathering rights-defenders, scholars, researchers, and religious leaders from diverse family backgrounds and traditions, in different regional contexts, for dialogues on Family and Traditional Values.

The first 3 gatherings have taken place in South Africa (February 2018), Thailand (November 2018) and Brasil (August 2019) and have sought to reclaim and affirm the diversity of families in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America, which also include the families of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) people, both those which they create and those into which they are born, and to promote and defend these families locally, regionally and internationally. Each gathering has led to the publication of Joint Declarations, drafted by our participants: the Johannesburg DeclarationSilom Manifesto and São Leopoldo Declaration and they are available at the buttons above.