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Whistleblowing has become increasingly important as a tool to ensure that there is transparency and accountability in organisations. As such, having effective mechanisms in place has become a necessity for organisations of all sizes, including GIN-SSOGIE.

We are guided by our organisational values, which are the foundation of how we conduct ourselves and interact with each other, our clients, members, suppliers, and other stakeholders. To this end, we are committed to ensuring organisational compliance and promoting ethical organisational culture by observing the highest standards of fair dealing, honesty and integrity in our business activities.

We understand that speaking out about wrongdoing can be difficult, and that some individuals may feel uncomfortable raising their concerns through regular channels. Our whistleblowing process provides a safe and confidential means for individuals to raise concerns outside of the main reporting lines without fear of victimisation or reprisal. We aim to ensure any concerns raised are dealt with effectively, securely, appropriately, and in accordance with relevant legislation.

Internal Reporting

You may disclose any Reportable Conduct to the Whistle blower Protection Officers listed below:

Finance and Administration Officer
Larissa Bhagarette
+27 82 932 8647

Executive Director
Toni Kruger-Ayebazibwe
+27 83 387 0815

You can make a disclosure outside of business hours by contacting the above Whistle blower Protection Officers via email.

You are also encouraged to contact the above Whistle blower Protection Officers to obtain any additional information you may require before making a disclosure or for any clarification regarding this policy.

The Whistle blower Protection Officer or eligible recipient will safeguard your interests and will ensure the integrity of the reporting mechanism.

External Reporting

Where you do not feel comfortable making an internal report, or where you have made an internal report, but no action has been taken within a reasonable time, you may disclose any Reportable Conduct to the Organisation’s external auditor or the designated Board member using any of the following methods:

Auditors: Southern Right Financial Solutions
Pierre Gouws
+27 83 644 6997

Designated Board member
Treasurer: Tshidi Semenya
+27 71 422 8432

Calls will be received by Pierre Gouws at SRFS or the designated Board member during business hours between 9 am and 4pm SAST and can also be accessed after business hours by emailing either the auditors or the designated Board member.

The person to whom you report the misconduct will prepare a report which details the concerns raised by you to a Whistle blower Protection Officer. Any information contained in the report will be kept confidential, except as required by law or where disclosure is necessary to regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies or professional advisors to the Organisation.

Reportable Conduct

The whistleblowing policy allows you to report or disclose any reportable conduct that you reasonably believe has been committed by anyone who has business dealings with the organisation, including an Organisation director, officer, employee, contractor, supplier, consultant or other person who has business dealings with the Organisation. This includes dishonest, fraudulent, illegal, unethical, potentially damaging, and dangerous conduct, as well as harassment, discrimination, victimization, and bullying. Any disclosures that do not fit within the definition of reportable conduct will not be protected under the Act.

Your Options

You have the option to report internally or externally, to a regulator, legal practitioner or, under certain circumstances, in a public interest and emergency disclosure. You have the option to make a disclosure anonymously. All matters reported under this policy will be promptly investigated by the Whistleblower Protection Officer, who may engage an external investigator if necessary. Investigations will be conducted fairly, independently, and with confidentiality. Updates on the progress and expected timeframes of the investigation will be provided whenever possible. The individuals involved in the investigation will have an opportunity to respond to the concerns raised.


Individuals will not be subject to legal action or detrimental conduct (which includes termination of employment, discrimination, harassment, and damage to a person’s reputation or financial position) for making a disclosure or participating in an investigation. The organization will take reasonable steps to protect individuals from such conduct and maintain confidentiality of their identity. If an individual suffers harm due to a disclosure and the organization failed to take reasonable precautions, the individual may seek remedies outlined in the document.

An employee who discloses information under this policy or is affected by a disclosure may request access to a confidential counseling service paid for by the organization.

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