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GIN-SSOGIE at the Commission on Status of Women (CSW65), March 2021

From 15 to 26 of March 2021, GIN-SSOGIE participated in the 65th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW65). Because of the pandemic, the annual two-week session this year met online. The CSW65 held more than 700 side events and GIN was represented in some of them through a “virtual delegation”. Ankit Bhuptani, India, and Rev. Dr. Ana Ester Freire, Brazil, represented GIN in some of those events.


Ankit Bhuptani expressed that, “Faith has been used as a tool of discrimination & hate for too long. Now is the time to utilize our faith as an instrument of advocacy and Global Human Rights and GIN at the UN is doing exactly the same.” CSW65 hosted over 700 side-events brining individuals, activities, advocates & organisations from diver background together on one platform. Ankit highlighted the need of utilizing these intersectionality for our global goals of inclusion, equality & equity. (Please find the link to the video on his thoughts about CSW65 and GIN’s participation)


Ana Ester highlighted the important presence of GIN at the CSW65. For her, “It is crucial that the delegates and the UN addresses the specifics of our diverse existences, taking into consideration that the plurality of our differences brings to the debates not only the issues of our existences, but also the creative ways to respond to violations of human rights. LGBT-phobia, hate crimes against LGBTQI people and the backlash concerning our rights, all need to be addressed in every conversation about human rights, because we also are beautiful and diverse human beings”. (Please find the link to the video on her thoughts about CSW65 and GIN’s participation)


GIN hopes next year the event will not need to be virtual, so the presence of our LGBTQI people of faith can challenge the conservative forces in the UN space, reclaiming not only our existence, but also the importance of our strategies.

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