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Free to be Me

About Free to be Me

Free to be Me is a groundbreaking program that is designed to strengthen the voices of LGBTIQ+ people to demand and expect their full inclusion in society, with respect for their human, as well as economic rights. The program through its partners is committed to supporting LGBTIQ+ people to take the lead in claiming these rights to lobby and advocate for policies and practices that acknowledge, respect and secure them, change hearts and minds of leaders and everyday people.


That by 2025, a vibrant LGBTIQ+ civil society has successfully generated public support and influenced governments, businesses and societal actors to become advocates for LGBTIQ+ people’s human and socio-economic rights and the socio-economic position of LGBTIQ+ people has improved.

Furthermore, local ownership is key to the success and the sustainability of this program so to ensure that it truly responds to the voices, needs and priorities of the LGBTIQ+ persons. GIN will work with the different communities of actions in the various countries of this program to build strong LGBTIQ+ movements of faith inclusion.

GIN’s Theory of Change

As one of the consortium members, GIN’s theory of change in the Free to be Me Program is: