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Vacancy: GIN hiring Executive Director – Application due 23 March, 2016

Global Interfaith Network for People of All Sexes, Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Expressions (GIN-SSOGIE)

Vacancy: Executive Director for an International, Faith-Based Non-Profit 

Start date: 1 June, 2016 pending successful acquisition of valid work permit (possible to negotiate an initial start phase as a contractor while work permits are being sought)

Location: The office shall be located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Depending on your location, you may be required to serve your probationary period from your current city before confirmation of your position and moving to Johannesburg.

Compensation: 540 000ZAR to begin, competitive with South African Executive Non-Profit Pay with room for regular performance-based increases; some relocation expenses reimbursed upon receipt; some health care costs reimbursed upon receipt

Description of a Successful Candidate

The successful candidate will play a key role in the development of an emerging network, striving for a just world in which the dignity, faith, spirituality, and human rights of persons of all sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions are honoured, supported and protected.

As an emerging faith-based global network we seek to build the capacity of our members to engage in dialogue with religious leaders, collaborate with faith-based and secular organisations and individuals, build capacity and develop resources to achieve legal and cultural advancement, and amplify faith-based voices on SSOGIE issues in the media and Human Right fields.

The Executive Director works closely with the board to move forward at pace on the development of the organization’s funding opportunities, membership, educational materials, Human Rights leadership, member-led programming, financial and governance infrastructure, and staff.  Some solid funding for 2016 is already in place and many other supporters are eager to join in the development of GIN. 

The successful candidate will have:

  • at least five years of managerial experience commensurate to the above description
  • strong and positive relationships with faith-based organisations, ideally with multiple world religions.
  • rich experience of interfaith dialogue
  • highly developed communication skills in English (other languages will be an advantage)
  • relevant education at minimum bachelor’s level (e.g. theology, business administration, NGO management)
  • a working knowledge of financial management including budgeting, bookkeeping, financial reports, and payroll processing such that they can oversee the execution of these duties and offer leadership to staff members’ in their roles

In addition, ordination within any world religion would be an advantage. As GIN-SSOGIE is a network of and for people of all sexes, sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions, identifying as a member of this community would be an advantage. Women, trans-identified people, non-Christians and people from the global South are particularly encouraged to apply.

The position will be based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The successful applicant will need to arrange their own work permits. The salary will be competitive with South African NGO standards. 

NOTE: You must have or be able to attain a valid visa for South Africa. The board will support your work permit but it will be your responsibility to drive the process.

Roles and Responsibilities

The ED must be deeply committed to GIN’s mission and have a clear, politicized understanding of SSOGIE issues that are engaged with global religious and human rights trends. 

The ED must develop policies, cultural practices, and governance documents that codify and sustain a work culture centered on the issues, politics, and ethos of GIN: Global South-centered, cognizant of and welcoming to cross-sectional issues, and rejecting the systems of oppression that impact our key community such as patriarchy, economic exploitation, state violence, and white supremacy. 

The ED must play a strong role in embodying the culture, ethos, and politics that comprise our mission and vision; it is your job to cultivate that posture among staff, board, members, collegial relationships, and GIN programming, language and materials. GIN-SSOGIEs vision and mission, and her/his/their primary role is to ensure that the staff, board and members share a clear understanding of and commitment to this vision and mission.

The ED is the public face and spokesperson of the organization and its membership. As such, they will comport themselves in a way that presents a positive image of people of all faiths of all sexes, sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions. The ED will be comfortable in this function, as well as be inquisitive, clear, creative, open to change, open and effective in communication with board, membership, staff and donors, a well as professionally and personally motivated.

The ED will lead and manage the GIN secretariat, including hiring and managing the staff. The board will play a strong role in the beginning in the ED’s work plan and first two hires until governance, policies, and infrastructure are stabilized and practiced routinely. The ED shall will create and implement short, medium and long term goals within a documented strategic plan. 

That strategic plan will be guided by five things: 1) input from the board consultation and membership feedback to date; 2) the ED’s own ongoing research and engagement with religious, social and political trends; 3) the ED’s work to build organizational partnerships and colleagues; 4) emerging and proven strategic opportunities for the organization that account for what is missing from our movement, GIN’s unique strengths, and funding availability; 5) the stated mission and vision of the organization. 

The ED must participate in regular, transparent and comprehensive reporting to the board on finances, infrastructure, the secretariat, fundraising, and programming. 

The ED will coordinate and facilitate board meetings with the chairing leadership of the board.

The ED is also responsible for maintaining a strong relationship with GIN’s membership. The ED’s work plan must include designing and implementing a communications plan that engages our membership on a weekly basis via the website, social media, and email. Likewise, the ED must construct and utilize mechanisms that invite member participation and feedback. Incorporation of that feedback and participation must be transparent and reflected back to our membership and in our reports to our donors. 

GIN leads its own programming as much as it exists to train, equip, and resource our members. The ED and other staff must practice hospitality; they must available to engage with and directly strengthen our membership.

The ED will be invested in building relationships with other organisations and partners, such as faith-based organisations, human rights NGOs, governments and supernational organisations, and LGBTIQ organisations or -activists.

The ED is responsible for the implementation of that strategic plan, a process that includes but is not limited to: aligning projects with the strategic plan, creating and monitoring budgets, regular reporting on activities and financials, developing new funding sources, documenting the implementation of projects, and writing reports on outcomes. 

Preliminary and flexible multi-year strategies and goals have previously been set by the Board and membership, so the ED is not starting from zero; there is a strong mandate and set of unique, strategic opportunities that our members and the colleagues in the movement are eager for GIN to address.

The ED is responsible for making short- and long-term financial decisions, monitoring the financial situation and routines of GIN and cooperating with the other staff, our fiscal sponsor, and the board to ensure sound and transparent fiscal management of the organization. 

The ED shall follow best financial and management practices, such as providing regular account reports and leading the creation, implementation, and compliance with governance and human resources policies.

The ED is responsible for presenting the annual budget in a timely fashion as well as project budgets for approval in advance of expenditures. They are responsible for protecting the assets of GIN against fraud and financial abuse.

The ED will create a strong fundraising plan with the help of the board and staff. The ED will oversee the fundraising and ensure that:

  • Fundraising programs are carried out with high ethical standards and in accordance with the vision and mission of GIN.
  • Funds are being accepted and used responsibly in full accordance with the agreements.
  • Reporting obligations are being met and donors are being kept regularly informed of all relevant aspects of the organization; continual relationship-building is central to the ED’s role as a fundraiser; there should be annual fundraising strategic plans that coincide with the programmatic strategic plan.
  • The organization adapts to financial realities via financial forecasting, scaling programs, and additional fundraising.


The ED will make sure that programs are being efficiently run and that the staff is fulfilling their responsibilities. This includes:

  • Hiring and managing staff who engage, support, and hold accountable our members to work that emerges from our events (trainings, conferences, etc.)
  • Coordinating state, regional, and international events that respond to our members’ needs and our movements’ needs that address our key programmatic areas.
  • Working with our colleagues in the SRHR, SSOGIE, and other relevant fields to enrich our work and expand our reach as a nascent organization.
  • Ensuring that the activities implemented are efficient, of good quality and relevant to the mission and vision of the organization.
  • Motivating the staff and ensuring good performance and values.
  • Designing campaigns that are cognizant of our intersectional, feminist, anti-imperialist, and multi- or interfaith ethos and structure
  • Allocating appropriate resources and supplies to the staff.
  • Acknowledging their responsibility for making difficult decisions and critical choices.


How to Apply

You must submit the following materials in PDF format by 23 March, 2016 to gin.ssogie@gmail.com. Following these directions precisely is a part of your application process. South Africans are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • A curriculum vitae
  • A one-page cover letter; we are most excited to understand where your passion for the position comes from and your political understanding of SSOGIE issues
  • Four references with phone number; must include two previous supervisors and two previous subordinates from more than one organization or business
  • Short essay responses to all of the following questions in no more than two pages:

a. Discuss a theological approach to affirmation of SSOGIE

b. What is one unique project or role that GIN can fill human rights field that is not currently     being addressed to your satisfaction

c. What is the power analysis being GIN being explicitly Global South-centered (internally we use the phrase “Key Affected Communities” for Global South, a troubled term but the more popular one)

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