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Dumisani Dube

Based in South Africa
Faith tradition/s: Catholic
Pronouns: He, his

Dumisani Dube is a Zimbabwean gay man living in South Africa. A Christian and a human rights activist, Dube has a passion in fighting for LGBTI rights across all spectrums including religious institutions. Dube has been involved in the LGBTI activism for the past 20 years. Having worked for an LGBTI organisation in Zimbabwe from 1998. He has a wide range of experience in campaigning for LGBTI rights in different religious houses. He is the Co-ordinator of Holy Trinity Catholic Church LGBTI Ministry. He is also actively involved in issues of HIV/Aids within the LGBTI and MSM sectors. He has been involved in training NGOs and religious sectors on the Protection and Prevention of Sexual Minority Refugees’ survivors of SGBV. Dube has served as treasurer of Global Network of Rainbow Catholics (GNRC) board, he remains in the board representing the African Region. Dumisani is also currently working as Editor in Chief of EXIT Newspaper, the only LGBTI newspaper in South Africa. He is the founder and Director of Dialogues for Change an NPO that seeks to facilitate dialogue with religious leaders and the sexual minorities.

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