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Jacq Carver

Based in The Netherlands
Faith tradition: Jewish
Pronouns: they, them, theirs.
I have been a queer rights activist since I came out in the late 1970’s and have participated in numerous protest and equal rights movements in the US, the UK and Europe, including Act Up in New York, anti- Clause 28 protests in London and Amsterdam, and same-sex marriage protests in the Netherlands.
I believe passionately in equal rights for people all sexes, genders, gender identities, and expressions and have, in one way or another, worked toward achieving equality and acceptance for several decades. I also believe that creating and maintaining Jewish spaces that welcome and embrace LGBTIQ+ people is tikkun olam – repairing the world; It is not enough to be a passive consumer of equal rights won by others but we all must do what we can to ensure that all people enjoy equality.
While marriage equality has been written into law in many countries, the changes have not yet brought about a concomitant change in peoples’ attitudes towards sexual and gender minorities: we can laud tolerance all we want but tolerance is wafer-thin and laws can always be repealed. We have to do more to ensure that the (sometimes grudging) acceptance of LGBTIQ+ people is not as fleeting as the life of a mayfly; continued action, education and effort is necessary in order to change ideas and attitudes. Just as every generation must find out the Torah for themselves, so every generation must work to preserve our hard-won rights.

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