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Nermeen Abdelhady

Based in Egypt
Faith tradition/s:
Pronouns: They

Nermeen Abdelhady is a dedicated pansexual non-binary activist hailing from Cairo, Egypt, with a rich background in advocating for LGBTQI+ rights. Their journey in this realm commenced in 2013 when they established a crucial social support network for LGBTQI+ students, concurrent with their pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Since then, Nermeen’s commitment to their cause has only grown stronger. They have actively contributed to various facets of the LGBTQI+ movement as they assumed the role of Executive Director of Mesahat Foundation until 2022, amassing valuable experience in leadership, management, fundraising, holistic safety and security, queer oral histories documentation, capacity building, and movement development throughout the SWANA region. Furthermore, they led the Alliance of Queer Egyptian Organizations (AQEO) to numerous successful regional and international advocacy initiatives until 2022.

With profound dedication and unwavering passion, Nermeen continues to be an influential force in the ongoing struggle for the rights and well-being of the LGBTQI+ community in the SWANA region and beyond.

Presently, Nermeen focuses on fostering LGBTQI+ inclusion within the domains of international development and educational reform in Egypt, marking a promising new chapter in their impactful career.

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