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Vacancy: Grants Manager

Vacancy name: Grants Manager

Reports to: Executive Director

Scope: Global

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa (or virtual, to be discussed).

Hours: Full time

Staffing level: Senior management, salary range ZAR 45000 – 52000





About GIN  

GIN is a global network of LGBTIQ++ people of faith who use their faith traditions as a source of insight and energy to advocate for the human rights of LGBTIQ++ people globally.  GIN has a specific focus on what we call Key Affected Contexts, places where violence and power collude with religion, culture and tradition most viciously to instigate homophobic and transphobic discrimination, many of which are in the Global South. Our Secretariat is based in South Africa, and we have approximately 490 members (both individuals and organisations) worldwide.


Job context 

The Grants Manager assumes a multifaceted role as an ambassador, trainer, and public speaker, working in tandem with the Executive Director in her capacity as a Fundraiser. This role involves spearheading the technical facets of grant management, supporting and mentoring program staff to contribute effectively to grant applications, and ensuring the alignment of the strategic plan, monitoring and evaluation frameworks, and program activities in collaboration with the program team.

Critical to GIN’s financial sustainability, the Grants Manager plays a pivotal role in securing funding by meticulously researching, identifying, and applying for grants from diverse sources. Responsibilities span the entire grants lifecycle, from prospecting and proposal development to comprehensive reporting and relationship management. Additionally, the Grants Manager oversees the administration of a limited number of sub-grants, managing the process from the dissemination of calls for proposals through due diligence, grant making, and the effective management of reporting from sub-grantees.

This role is fundamentally tied to upholding GIN’s values and principles. In essence, the Grants Manager leads the development and implementation of a comprehensive grants management process at operational levels. They serve as representative of the organisation, both internally and externally, showcasing results in implementation, expertise, and learning. The role demands congruence with the expectations of various stakeholders, with a commitment to document and disseminate work products. Active participation in the technological, educational, strategic, and financial aspects of GIN is essential. The Grants Manager assumes a position within GIN’s staff management team, reporting directly to the Executive Director, who, in turn, reports on the program to the GIN Board.



Grant Research and Identification: 

  1. Conduct thorough research to pinpoint potential funding opportunities that align seamlessly with the organization’s mission and programs.
  2. Stay updated on the latest grant-making trends, guidelines, and potential funding sources.

Training and Mentoring: 

  1. Provide comprehensive training and mentorship for Programme managers and other staff, ensuring a clear understanding of donor requirements to facilitate effective grant implementation.
  2. Foster internal capacity development among programme managers and staff, covering areas such as monitoring and evaluation, funder requirements, budgeting, and financial management.

Proposal Development: 

  1. Collaborate closely with the Executive Director, program managers, and other team members to craft compelling grant proposals and applications.
  2. Ensure that proposals not only align with the organization’s strategic objectives but also meet the specific requirements of prospective funders.

Monitoring and Evaluation: 

  1. Assess and implement a robust monitoring and evaluation framework in line with the organization’s mission and strategic goals.
  2. Work collaboratively with program managers to develop and manage program evaluation plans, encompassing the design of impact assessments, baseline studies, and end-of-project evaluations.
  3. Provide hands-on training and support to program staff in M&E processes, data collection, and reporting requirements.
  4. Drive the organization’s capacity in utilizing data for informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Grant Application Submission: 

  1. Prepare and submit grant applications with meticulous attention to accuracy, completeness, and compliance with funder guidelines and deadlines.
  2. Manage the entire grant submission process, keeping a vigilant eye on application status and providing regular updates to the leadership team.

Relationship Management: 

  1. Cultivate and nurture positive relationships with current and potential funders, fostering a collaborative and engaged partnership.
  2. Effectively communicate with funder representatives, program officers, and other stakeholders to fortify partnerships and strengthen collaboration.


  1. Oversee the initiation and administration of annual sub-grant approvals and modifications.
  2. Act as the liaison between Programme Managers, sub-grantees, and other internal support departments.

Grant Compliance and Reporting: 

  1. Vigilantly monitor and ensure compliance with grant requirements, including reporting deadlines and deliverables.
  2. Provide support to programme staff, facilitating the preparation and submission of timely and accurate reports to funders, spotlighting the impact and outcomes of funded programs.

Budget Oversight: 

  1. Collaborate seamlessly with finance and program teams to formulate accurate and realistic budgets for grant proposals.
  2. Assist programme staff in vigilant monitoring of grant budgets to guarantee funds are utilized as intended and within approved parameters.


Expectations of Competency

Grants Management/Fundraising Experience: 

Demonstrated expertise in grants management and fundraising within the LGBTQI+ sector. Additional experience with government funders in the USA/Europe would be particularly advantageous.

Program Management Capacity: 

Proven program management skills extending to monitoring and evaluation, financial management, and effective staff mentoring.

Political Analysis: 

Possesses a keen intellect for political analysis at both global and local levels, contributing valuable insights to strategic decision-making.

Communication Skills: 

Strong speaking and written communication skills adept at blending political analysis with community-oriented education, fostering effective dialogue.

Cultural Competency: 

Demonstrates comfort, curiosity, and cultural competency in actively engaging with LGBTIQ+ organizing and communities.

Faith-Based Engagement: 

Exhibits comfort, curiosity, and cultural competency in engaging with faith-based organizing and spiritual communities.

Commitment to Faith and Spirit-Based Narratives: 

Committed to cultivating faith and spirit-based narratives as integral components of organizational strength and uniqueness.

Inclusive Understanding of Faith Traditions: 

Holds a familiarity with and commitment to the practice and development of inclusive understandings of faith traditions.

Multilingual Communication: 

Highly developed, demonstrably excellent written and spoken communication skills in English. Proficiency in other languages, especially Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, or Swahili, is advantageous.

Human Rights Knowledge: 

Ideally possesses some working knowledge and a willingness to enhance skills in formal human rights mechanisms, such as the United Nations or the African Union.

Online Communications Strategy: 

Demonstrates skills in implementing effective online communications strategies, staying attuned to digital communication trends.

Leadership Development: 

Capable of developing the leadership of others through comprehensive training, networking, and resourceful mentorship.

Stakeholder Engagement: 

Engages partners, stakeholders, and colleagues on both individual and group levels, fostering a sense of relationship, accountability, and belonging.



Educational Qualifications: 

Possesses a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as nonprofit management, business, public administration, or financial management.

Senior Management Experience: 

Brings to the role a solid background with 5 years of senior management experience, preferably in the domain of Grants & Contracts.

Proposal and Workplan Development: 

Demonstrates 3 years of hands-on experience supporting proposal and workplan development, including expertise in monitoring and evaluation.

Non-Profit Sector Knowledge: 

Exhibits a profound understanding of the non-profit sector, specifically in donor grants.

Grant Writing Expertise: 

Proven track record in grant writing, showcasing a successful history of securing funding from diverse sources.

Research and Analytical Skills: 

Possesses strong research and analytical skills, displaying an ability to identify and actively pursue new funding opportunities.

Communication Proficiency: 

Displays excellent written and verbal communication skills, essential for effective collaboration and representation.

Financial Acumen: 

Possesses sound knowledge of financial accounting policies and procedures, contributing to effective fiscal management.

Adaptability in Dynamic Environments: 

Demonstrates an ability to operate seamlessly in dynamic environments, navigating challenges with a solution-oriented approach.

Team Player: 

Embraces a collaborative spirit, functioning as an integral team player within the organizational framework.

Project Management Experience: 

Brings valuable project management experience, contributing to streamlined and efficient project execution.

Detail-Oriented and Organized: 

Proven capability to maintain a meticulous approach, showcasing organizational skills while managing multiple tasks and deadlines simultaneously.

Proficiency in Tools: 

Possesses proficiency in grant management software and the Microsoft Office Suite, ensuring adept utilization of essential tools for the role.


How to Apply

Interested candidates are invited to submit a resume, cover letter, and writing samples to recruitment@gin-ssogie.org. Please include “Grants Manager Application” in the subject line.

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. 

GIN is an equal opportunity employer firmly committed to complying with South African equal employment opportunity laws. GIN prohibits discrimination against employees and applicants for employment because of the individual’s race or colour, religion or creed, immigrant, citizenship or non-citizen status, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, intersex status, disability, marital status, or familial status.

We particularly welcome applications from people in the Global South or East, and women, trans and/or intersex people (in the broadest sense of each of these terms). We offer a contract based on South African local labor conditions, with a remuneration commensurate with the experience and expertise requested.

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