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Uchenna Ngene

Uchenna Samuel Ngene is a philosopher, social worker, an aspiring queer theologian, human rights defender and an LGBTIQ rights activists who is passionate in promoting the religious inclusion and social acceptance of LGBTIQ persons in Nigeria. Through pastoral care and peer support, Uchenna reaches out to Persons Living with HIV, MSMs and Transgender persons as a trained psychosocial support provider and counselor. Due to his passion for the religious inclusion and social acceptance of the LGBTIQ community in Nigeria, in 2016 he founded Levites Initiative for Freedom and Enlightenment (LIFFE), an organization that works to provide spirituality and sexuality enlightenment, develop talents in music and promote the sexual reproductive health and religious rights of LGBTI persons through education, human development and policy advocacy. Previously, he had worked with Center for the Right to Health (CRH) and Queer Alliance as peer educator and programs officer respectively. He is also an event planner and decorator, a recording music artist and performer, great orator and motivational speaker. Presently, he equally serves as the Nigerian Champion for the Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa (IDNoWA).