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Imam Dr Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed

Imam Dr Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed is an International consultant in Psychology, Anthropology & inclusive Liberation theology:

o   Doctorates  in  Anthropology and  in  Psychology of  religious  facts

o   Associate editor of the Arab research and development (Batna & Amaan universities)

o   Imam founder of  the  first  European  inclusive  mosque (Paris)

o   Founder member of  the  interfaith  network  GIN-SSOGIE,

o   Founder member of  the Inimuslim international network,

o   International  coordinator of  the  CALEM  confederation,

o   Member of INERELA  – theologians living with HIV/aids

o   One  of  the  3  French  gay  of  the  year  (2012),

o   Queer  Muslim  Award  of  the  year  (2014)

o   Pierre  Guénin  price  (for  CALEM,  2012),

o   Awarded  for  Moral Courage (2013).

o   Now rector of the CALEM Institute